Burial Plots

We have affordable payment plans available for pre-need services on both traditional burial plots and cremation burial plots.

There are several benefits to pre-purchasing burial plots. By pre-purchasing, you will be avoiding the pain of having to make selections at the time of need.

By engaging in a pre-need purchase, you will be locking in today's prices and choosing a payment plan that works for you. Also, you will also avoid having to pay the full amount at the time of need.

Our staff is available to help you be better prepared for those difficult times. Visit our office for information about our payment plans.


A headstone is a reflection of your loved one. Our staff is available to help you design your selection in order to create a beautiful tribute to honor the life of your loved one.

Our headstones include the name, date, design and vase. We offer various sizes ranging from the standard 24"x14" to ledger 48"x72" and any sizes in between. You can choose emblems from our design books to customize the headstone to suit your loved one. The flower vases included with our headstones meet the invertible vase requirements and they come in a variety of styles and colors to match the granite color.

Visit our office for a more in-depth review of the items we have to offer.


Further commemorate your loved one by decorating their burial site with a beautiful granite bench with their family name boldly engraved on it. We offer an assortment of granite colors to choose from, as well as, a wide variety of emblems to adorn and customize the bench.

Please call our office if you need more information.

By planning ahead now, a loved one would not have to be uncertain of your last wishes and make decisions alone when being stricken by grief and loss.

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